Paidverts updated News - 21st changes

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Paidverts updated News - 21st changes

Post by ஆதித்தன் » Mon Jul 18, 2016 4:14 pm

Hello there,

Starting July 21st there will be big changes coming for both PaidVerts and MyTrafficValue to ensure better sustainability and push the business and its members further!
1.) PaidVerts is undergoing a restart

On 21st July we will be improving PaidVerts's sustainability and ad issue frequency and size, by reducing new Bulk Ad purchases to give out 2400 BAP(120%) instead of 3100 BAP (155%) for $1 purchased. We have gradually been working to improve this on itself slowly, but ad issues have been limping for too long, so this change will be accompanied with a BAP reset, giving everyone a clean system, with more frequent and bigger ad issues.

This will make PaidVerts highly attractive again - and we are starting the changes with a huge bonus for the next 7 days!

Any Bulk Ads purchased before 21st July, will still give you 3100 BAP for $1.05 purchased, and this BAP with new purchases during this time will NOT be reset on 21st July , giving everyone who buys bulk ads before 21st a big edge before the new, improved and more sustainable 120% Bulk Ad packs are activated.

Make sure to get the best possible BAP bonus before the restart by buying ad packs before 21st at

There is another big improvement coming to PaidVerts - anyone buying any amount of Bulk Ads, will not be charged the daily 100 BAP tax for the following 14 days. This means that as long as you buy at least one ad pack every 14 days, you will not pay any BAP tax!

With the restart, there will be plenty of opportunities for new members, so make sure to use our updated marketing materials to refer new members and earn additional commissions!
2.) MyTrafficValue's business model will be improved

To help improving our legal stance and set us up for much bigger future projects we can work on as a crowdfunding company, starting 21st July we will be closing down the Fast Track investment plans for new investments.

The 130% Fast Track Investment plan is still open for new investments until the 21st of July , so make sure to act now if you want to be one of the last people making use of this high return investment plan. Any existing investments and new investments made till the 21st, will continue getting repaid until all FTQ investments have been fully repaid.

With the changes, Royalty Positions will hold a lot more value again, as also dividends will start being paid out soon.

For more information about the BAP reset, MTV business changes, additional reasons and benefits behind it, and how you can make the most out of it please read the following topic: ... ges/1.html

Towards an amazing future!
PaidVerts and MyTrafficValue team
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Re: Paidverts updated News - 21st changes

Post by kuttykannan » Mon Jul 18, 2016 5:04 pm

thnx for ur info sir
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